a play by Leah Franqui

Stitches is about Jane, who is coming apart at the seams, and her sister Jill, who is trying to hold it all together. When the phone rings their lives become irrevocably intertwined, and the the fine line between self-destruction and self-control quickly begins to erode.


The world premiere of a new play by Leah Franqui, (recipient of the Goldberg Playwrighting Prize and Sloan Foundation Award), Stitches explores the issues of family, trust, and self-harm with wrenching honesty and thoughtful humor while suggesting that, in a world where everything is manufactured, perhaps the most revolutionary act is to make something with our own hands.


Directed by Elena Araoz

Cast: Victoria Frings, David Kenner, Anastasia Olowin

Set and Lighting Design: Justin Townsend

Sound Design: Nathan Leigh

Stage Manager: Alannah O'Hagan


Presented by To-By-For Productions at Theaterlab, August 2015

Photography by Joe Pickard