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Victoria Frings


founder, producer

Too San Francisco for New York, too New York for San Francisco. Victoria brings a commercial, “uptown theatre” vibe to her artistic collaborations; she likes edgy stories with wide appeal. Hard to put words to what ideas make her head explode — she knows it when she sees it — but in loose terms she’s jazzed by plot-driven narratives, science, power dynamics, humor in the face of despair, female friendship and female auteurism, and inventive methods of storytelling. 

Anastasia Olowin



Anastasia would throw killer dinner parties if only her apartment were large enough. A creator and performer with a background in downtown experimental and devised theater, she used to perform in art galleries and empty banks. Now focused on more narrative-based work, she has a deep appreciation for adventurous art, biting humor, strong aesthetics and physical patterns, stories that feel deeply human… and she always loves a good reveal. This is not her dog. 

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